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I have a lot of treasured friends but I could only count on my bare hands those that I am most comfortable trusting my intimate details with. These are dear friends that even how many times I see them in a day, I will never get tired of being with them. Sometimes some friends tease me in embarrassment because I am the kind of person who would rather choose to be with the same group of people over and over and over again than to spend time catching up with new ones.

All of us have those kinds of friends – those who you are not tired of spending time with, those who you can be comfortable with even in silence, those who know your innermost being.

When I made friends with the people in our church, the word friendship had a more colorful and profound meaning to me. These friendships are the ones I treasure the most because they are found grounded in Jesus Christ. These are relationships that even when you remove all the things that make friendship work and tight nowadays – the chitchats, the special connections, the same personalities and wavelengths you try to find, school or workplace, stuff you all agree about, the terms of endearments you like to call each other, the responsibilities and expectations – could still work and not be shaken because it stands on a strong ground.

Sometimes, some friends become foes. Other times, we just simply lose friends along the way. I’ve heard a lot of those stories, I’ve had some of those too. Oftentimes, they root from rejection or offense. At times, it starts with disappointments – because we feel like we do more to our friends than they do to us or they fail to reach our expectations. Oh just when the people we swore to be close friends aren’t really showing that they are close to us, or our best friends aren’t anymore the best.

I realize people can still be friends even without those labels or agreements we are so fond of making fuzz about. Sometimes even, it just becomes the sole reason why there are hurts. Because labels or agreements just create extra responsibilities or expectations that when not met could just make us end up disappointed. Friendship, if true and genuine, doesn’t anymore need labels to be recognized because if it’s real and sincere, it will surely manifest itself.

I learned that friendships are privileges. Having the opportunity to actually know a person is something we should be thankful for. So I think we should do without expecting in return. :)

To all my friends, it’s a privilege to have you. I appreciate and love you. :D

*Photo taken last April when I celebrated my birthday in Zambales with Yaya Sisterhood. Pouting with me in the picture are Gaviene and Babes – two of my really good friends. 

*Title borrowed from the TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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March 28, 2010 by by Fiona Mae Alvero

I had my last shot of academic-free summer as a student last year. This year’s summer time is going to be a little bit different because now, I’m an intern.

I have also faced the terrible truth that I’m no longer a student trapped in school uniform, sitting inside the four-walled classroom. Just for now, I’m an intern, and I don’t know much about what it means to work for real. Because since forever, all I know is how to be a student, and I’m good at it. We all are.

With my desire to get a stint on a good internship program, I carefully hand-picked the companies I want to work for and the fields I plan to venture into. I also started praying about it since the year entered and asked God for direction because seriously, I am not sure where to go.

Things turned just like the way it should be when I started sending resumes to my target companies. I get my heart pump faster than normal whenever I receive a reply from them. There were also times that I shun in frustration because no one follows me up.

Day in and day out, I would tell God my heart’s desires and my plans. But what I always pray is for His will be done. But sometimes, when it gets hard and extra frustrating, I tend to bargain with Him. Because I want this, I don’t want that.

That target company I’ve been wanting so badly to get in, I didn’t get in. I had Summit Media in my hand and it turned out well at first, I didn’t expect that I’d lose it. I also believed that it’s the best one I could have so it did hurt me when everyone else I know have already started their internship programs there and I’m still here waiting.

Why I didn’t get a stint at Summit Media? I also don’t know why and I used to wonder about that a lot. I never had the chance to know why. But when Philippine Star came along to accept me, it just became so clear that I knew right there and then that God’s best for me isn’t at Summit Media. I’d like to believe that for sure. Did I mention that Philippine Star is my first career love and I didn’t bother to aspire for it because I was afraid I might not get in?

It’s true. God moves in ways we can never imagine. And when He does His work, He makes sure it’s the best for you and me. And just when my plans don’t turn out the way I want it to be, I remind myself of this truth in Isaiah 55:9 — “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Sometimes we figure things out ourselves, other times we are too consumed and sold out about what we want and what we know. But I hope we will all keep in mind that He knows way better. And that is enough reason for us to trust Him. :)

Your will be done.

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March 24, 2010 by by Fiona Mae Alvero

Cleaned up my blog site.

Let’s work this out. AGAIN. SOON. :)