December 21, 2010 by by Fiona Mae Alvero


My camera went missing a few days ago. It was already a couple of hours after I came home from Sunken Overnight – an annual event where students, come together and spend overnight at Sunken Garden in UP Diliman – that I noticed that it’s not with me anymore.

I searched. In my bags and on every surface but no camera was found. I thought maybe I left it during Sunken overnight and I was hopeful and in faith that somebody was able to get it and keep it. The searching went on. Text messages were sent and passed. I was hoping that before my Saturday ends, someone would inform me that my camera is with him/her.

Sunday night came and my faith was this little. I was close to giving up. And just right before I plan to declare that it was lost, my mom texted me and told me that my sister who left for Zambales – while my friends and I were sleeping at home that morning after Sunken overnight – got the camera in my bag and brought it with her without my knowing.

Somewhere between searching and finding it I honestly wanted to stop believing that I will see that camera again. I started with a big faith but as hours went by without any trace or news heard about the camera, big faith started to become little.

This evening I was going through my year 2010 journals and it’s just funny how the recent camera situation resembles some major circumstances that I faced this year – circumstances where I believed and hoped for the things that are unseen and when it gets too long before I get it or before it happens, faith starts to wither. Things like when…

I believed for a good internship program but it took a while before a company accepted me.

I believed for talents and locations for our short film but it required so much time before we finally were able to say that we are good to shoot.

I believed for a healed heart but it took a while before I finally realized I was too proud to admit that I was hurt in the first place.

I believed for my first airplane ride, and somewhere between the day I started praying for it and the day I flew to Cebu, my faith was on a roller coaster.

I believed for my thesis, but some circumstances happened that left us starting our survey a week behind the timeline we set for it. But we were able to do it anyway.

The list goes on, folks.

But just like the missing camera, maybe if I found it earlier, I wouldn’t get to find what’s more important – and that is finding once more the God who remains faithful even if we are faithless or unfaithful, that he is a God who when we start to believe less gives us grace to hold on some more to start believing again.

I was thinking if God gave all the things I believed in a blink of an eye, I will never get to experience even writing down my cries on my journal and I will miss out on that opportunity of being ministered and comforted by God. I wouldn’t learn how to pray, to be patient and to come honest before God and tell Him how frustrated or hurt or happy or excited I am like how a child tells it to his father.

This year is probably the year where God taught so much about going an extra mile when it comes to faith and believing. To seek some more. I barely survived. But this journey I went through this year, from January to the recent missing camera situation – it was worth it. Because more than learning how to be in faith, I saw even more that God is ever faithful.


With my boss turned friend, Chrina Cuna (Flippish internship).


Short film shooting.


My first plane ride

God is faithful…
– 1 Corinthians 1:9

12.22.10 12:46am


December 7, 2010 by by Fiona Mae Alvero

fearless_by_max_lucadoI found this poem written on the last page of Max Lucado’s book “Fearless.” The story behind this poem, as Max put it on the book’s Conclusion, goes…

“We will follow the astounding example of William Fariss, who as a seven-year-old boy watched his house go up in flames. He is the son of the Pioneer Bible translator in West Africa, a bright young man with a voracious interest in dinasours and animals. His family lived in a tin-roofed house covered by a layer of thatch. One day the wind lifted sparks from a nearby fire, and they esploded the Farisses’ thatch roof in flames. The family attempted to save the house but stood no chance in the dry air and hot African sun. As they witnessed the fire reduced their home to cinders and charred brick, Willim’s mother heard him praying. She noted that the words were psalm-like, and when she heard him repeat it a few days later, she wrote down what he said..



Through wind and rain
Through fire and lava
The Lord will never leave you.
Through earthquakes and floods
Through changing sea levels and burning ash
The Lord will never leave you.
If you love Him, He will bless you
and He will give you many things.

Who can change the Lord’s words?
Who can stop the Leviathan?
The Lord, of course.
Who made everything?
Who made the animals?
Who made the dinosaurs?
The Lord, our God.

Who can stop the Lord?
Who can chase a cheetah across the
plains of Africa?
The Lord, He can.
Who can stand on Mount Everest?
Who can face a rhinoceros?
The Lord.
The Lord can give you sheep and
goats and cows and ducks and chickens and dogs and cats.
The Lord can give you anything He wants to.

Just like David fought Goliath or
Daniel lived throughout the lions’ den.
Just like Moses on the mountain,
just like the Israelites fought the Jebusites.
The Lord will never stop His power.
Who can face a tyranosaurus rex?
Who knows what kind of animals lived thousands of years ago?
The Lord! He knows.
Stop all the evil, and be kind to one another.

Who can stop the Lord?
Who can face an elephant?
Who is brave enough to face a lion?
The Lord.
Who’s as fast as a horse?
Who can catch a blue whale?
Who is brave enough to face a giant squid?
The Lord.
Just as Jesus died on the cross,
so the Lord had done so.
The Lord will never leave His people.

The Bible is His word.
The Lord is a good leader.
Just as Moses and Aaron led the Israelites
into the desert, so the Lord had done so.
Who can see the dinosaurs?
Who can face the behemoth?
The Lord who loves you.
And He will not forsake His people.
The end.

Though the flames threatened, the boy saw God in the flames. William trusted God and FEARED LESS. SO WE CAN.” (Fearless, Max Lucado)

A seven-year-old boy feared less. Quite impressive. How about us? When we’re faced with a situation that threats us, can we, like William, trust God and fear less?

“Do not be afraid.”
– Luke 12:7

12.08.10 1:37