August 6, 2011 by by Fiona Mae Alvero

I want to travel alone and get lost in a small European country,
visit a farm and a vineyard, milk a cow, eat cheese and fall in love with the culture.

I want to write a song and ask someone to give melody to it.

I want to try to be a student again for just one day,
go to school and be the typical college student I was before.

I want to create my own documentary,
hear stories of different people and be deeply moved by it.

I want to witness a surgical procedure in a hospital.

I want to spend a night with good friends, perhaps at a coffee shop,
and just talk about life.

I want to experience driving a car to work.

I want to bless someone with something he/she has been praying for,
and not tell that person that I was the one who gave it.

I want to open a bank account,
and save money for traveling.

I want to be surprised on my birthday.

I want to see Seattle’s skyline.

I want to get a massage in a very relaxing zen spa.

I want to bunjee jump and sky dive,
and be reminded that I wanted it when it’s already time to jump.

I want to adopt a street kid for just a day,
and spoil this little fella with all the good things in the world.

I want to go on a missions trip.

I want to write a book.

I want to be a wife,
love and support my husband, honor God with my marriage and set an example to other married couples.

I want to try all the Chinese cuisine dishes.

I want to treat my mom to a Gary V., Martin Nievera or Sharon Cuneta concert,
and give her a backstage pass.

I want to visit my high school teacher who told me that I could not write,
not to brag about my works but to thank her sincerely for challenging me.

I want to lead more people to Jesus.

I want to make my own Christmas traditions.

I want to experience a long airplane ride,
so long that I will see both the sunrise and sunset from the airplane window.

I want to go on a whole day food trip,
and not be guilty of all my intakes.

I want to write blogs that will speak life to people,
be an instrument of change, of transformed life.

I want to be a mom,
and build my own family someday.

I want to learn how to play the piano again.

I want to go around the Philippines,
see its treasures and be proud of my country.

I want to experience a candlelight dinner,
in a fine dining restaurant.

I want to be an answered prayer.

I want to spend a night at Igloo Village in Kakslauttanen,
and be totally amazed by the sight of Aurora Borealis.

I want to fill a room with books,
and build my own library.

I want to be excellent in everything I put my hands to
and leave a lasting legacy.

I want to learn from people,
be surrounded and mentored by men and women of God.

I want to disciple the youth,
see the next generation rise up for Jesus.

I want to hold a snow,
experience winter, be warmed by the chimney fire and roast some marshmallows.

I want to teach women.

I want to be pursued.

I want to fall in love only once with a guy,
and fall in love with him forever.

08.07.11 12:14am

August 2, 2011 by by Fiona Mae Alvero


Gloomy is all this weather could be
The heartache of heaven is falling on me
Downpour of rain is what I see
Gloomy is all my weather could be

Thick dark clouds cover the vast blue sky
Not even a single ray of light can be of sight
Today the sun is once again shy
To show to us its beautiful light

I keep my gaze focused on up above
A better weather I wish with all my heart
But all the more I heard the thunders roar
After flashes of lightning struck my peaceful world

But never ever will I stop believing
Even in the midst of this terrible storm
That surely after this gloomy weather He will send us a beautiful rainbow
To paint our skies permanently with awestruck wonderful colors

07.22.11 7:56am


Dar, Babes and I having our lunch break at the cafeteria…
BABES: Ayaw ko ng umuulan, ang gloomy, na-eemo ako.
FIONA: Gumawa nga ako ng poem kanina dahil sa ulan!
DAR: Anong sinulat mo? (slowly but surely) Rain…… rain……. go away…….?