January 30, 2012 by by Fiona Mae Alvero

How can I write about Your goodness
If there are no words enough to describe it
How can I express this love I’m feeling
If it takes more than my life to do it

How can I contain Your greatness
If my mind cannot even fathom it
How can I explain all of Your wonders
If it’s too many that I could not even count it

Your love is great
Your love is wide
Your love is deep
Your love, oh Your love just overwhelms me

My heart beats for You
My tears fall in adoration
My lips sing of Your praises
This life lives only for You

The more I seek You deeper
The more I see who You are
And all the more my heart stays in awe
Thinking of how Your Son died for me

I don’t deserve any of Your blessings
Yet You blesses me still
I don’t deserve all that You are
But Your amazing grace embraces me

God, You are so wonderful
Words are not enough to say how I am amazed
I love You with all my heart
But thank You because it’s You who loved me first.

01.30.12 10:45pm

January 21, 2012 by by Fiona Mae Alvero

When I had chicken pox a year ago, I was told by my doctor that once chicken pox virus enters the human body, it never leaves anymore. It can still even stay alive in our body even if we’re dead already.

Tonight as I was reading through the sixth chapter of 2 Chronicles, I was reminded of the chicken pox virus.

Solomon had just assumed the throne as the new king of Israel at this time after his father King David died. His first project as a king was to build the temple of God. It was actually David’s original plan to build the temple. But God had a different plan in mind. He wanted Solomon instead to be the one who will build it. So did Solomon.

After building the temple, Solomon prayed a prayer of dedication to God “O LORD, God of Israel, there is no God like you in all of heaven and earth. You keep your covenant and show unfailing love to all who walk before you in wholehearted devotion. You have kept your promise to your servant David, my father. You made that promise with your own mouth, and with your own hands you have fulfilled it today. And now, O LORD, God of Israel, carry out the additional promise you made to your servant David, my father. For you said to him, ‘If your descendants guard their behavior and faithfully follow my Law as you have done, one of them will always sit on the throne of Israel.’ Now, O LORD, God of Israel, fulfill this promise to your servant David” (2 Chronicles 6:14-17).

Pretty odd it may seem but when I read those verses it came to my mind that God’s promise is like a chicken pox virus. We die yet the chicken pox virus continues to live and stay in our body. David dies yet God stillcontinues to fulfill his promises to him. God’s promise doesn’t die when we die. God’s promise is not dependent on the person to whom He promised it but it is solely dependent on who God is. It overwhelms me to think how a promise-keeper God really is! I realize that God’s promise is not bound by time or human life. It is bound by His faithfulness to us.

I also realize that the way we live our lives today has an effect on the lives of our future children and even the generations after us. David faithfully obeyed God when he was still alive so God made His promise true even to his son Solomon. Some of God’s promises to us we might not be able to witness to come to pass anymore, but as long as we keep His commands and faithfully obey His word, He will always fulfill it. And it is a promise that God will keep even for our future children.

Truly He who promised is faithful.

01.22.12 3:21am