March 21, 2012 by by Fiona Mae Alvero

Today was a busy day at work. Caught up with the things I needed to do, I grabbed my late lunch alone.

I had adobong sitaw cooked by my mom as my baon. Since I have been trying to really eat as much fiber as I can while avoiding meat, especially red meat, I looked at my dish and deliberated if I should or should not eat the tiny pork cubes mixed with my string beans.

To be honest, I found it easy to decide on what to do because aside from the hassle it would give me to separate the meat from the veggies, what really swayed me majorly in my decision making is the fact that no one is looking anyway. So I ate it.

My lame decision making reminded me of what Izzie Stevens said in one of the episodes of my favorite TV series Grey’s Anatomy, “I believe that if I eat a tub of butter and no one sees me, then calories don’t count.”


How many of you can relate?

Those snacks that we secretly gobbled up fast right in front of the fridge late at night when the lights are all out in the kitchen and everyone’s already asleep? You can keep that to yourself or pretend even that you didn’t do it, but that cannot change the fact that there were calories added to your body. The calories DO count. Eventually, the more you eat a tub of butter in secret, the more calories will count. People will still not know about what you ate, but slowly and surely, they will notice and see the effect of it in your body.

But what really alarmed me is not so much of the calories but how true this is even in our lives. The things we do in secret, that is. The stuff we feed our soul, heart and mind when we are alone… and no one sees. What are the things you are watching or reading when no one is looking? What are the thoughts that you entertain in your head when you are left alone? What are the things you secretly do?

It’s alarming because sometimes in life, we tend to think like Izzie and say “I believe if I watch an adult movie and no one sees me, then it doesn’t count” or “I believe if I entertain corrupt thoughts and no one knows it, then it doesn’t count” or we say “I believe if I don’t do my quiet time today and no one sees it, then it doesn’t count. They wouldn’t know about it anyway.”

That’s true, no one would know. But the things we invest (or not invest) in our hearts and minds even when we are alone or no one sees will also count. When we fall more often into this kind of thinking, time will come when the unhealthy things you have invested in secret will eventually manifest in your life, on the way you act, the way you decide or relate with other people.

Knowing how much junk a tub of butter has? I don’t think it’s something we’d like to see manifesting.

The Bible says “Those who are dominated by sinful nature think about sinful things, but those who are controlled by the Holy Spirit think about things that please the Spirit. (Romans 8:5, NLT)” And because Jesus has already won the victory over sin when He died on the cross for us, IT IS POSSIBLE always to say NO to sinful things and YES to the things that please the Spirit.

Even when you are alone. Even if no one sees.

03.21.12 10:21pm