October 30, 2012 by by Fiona Mae Alvero

To others, it wasn’t the most pleasant thing to do. But to the likes of me, it surely was.

Skywalk Adventure. An extreme adventure located at the heart of Cebu City, up on a tall building. If you have ever wondered how it’s like to fly or walk on the clouds, this is the closest thing you could get. Thrown into a bright orange jumpsuit and attached to a safety harness, they let you walk around a platform circling the building on the 37 floor of Crown Regency Tower.

Except for having to wait for so long to finally have our turn, this extreme adventure I really enjoyed. I loved the thought of being on a high place out there. I loved especially the beautiful and endearing panoramic view of Cebu’s city lights (we did it at nighttime! And I couldn’t help but sing “I See the Light” practically the whole time!). I loved that they’d let you step on the very edge of the platform and you could lean down to see what’s below of you.


This is the beautiful view you’d get from the top. It was surely breathtaking!
(Photo from the internet)

There were times though that I couldn’t tame my wild imagination and I’d scare myself with the worst possibilities that could happen — what if as I lean down my safety harness would snap off? What if I slipped and missed a step? What if I decide to jump off? What if this platform collapses? And the more gory my imagination gets, the tighter I would hold on to my harness for my dear life to remind myself, “Hey, stop scaring yourself! You’re safe!”

I don’t know what was the scenario when the psalmist wrote Psalm 94:18-19 but I imagined the Skywalk Adventure as a fitting place to be at while jotting such thought down. I imagined, terrified of heights, the psalmist finally decided to make a step out on the 6-feet wide platform circling the building, cold wind gusting at his face. He took another step and to his horror he closed his eyes and shouted “Oh my foot is slipping!!!!” (Psalm 94:18, NIV). He peeked with one eye and realized he didn’t fall or anything.

And so back to his sober thought he realized he didn’t slip. He was reminded of the safety harness attached to his back. Realizing this, to his great relief he thankfully exclaimed, “But your love, O LORD, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul!” (Psalm 94:18-19, NIV).

But I’m sure that this lovely passage was way more than just about a terrified person finishing his way through an extreme heights adventure like how I had imagined it to be. But it is in our everyday lives – when our foot slips in sin, slips in fear, slips in uncertainty, slips in the problems we are facing – that we could be most grateful for the truth that God’s love supports us from falling or holds us up when we did fall.

All throughout Skywalk Adventure, my life was in the hands of a rope. And the moment I decided to fully trust that this safety harness is really safe as it suggests and that it will never break on me, I felt more freedom to enjoy my walk and I had more courage to step on the edge of the platform to lean and look down.

And so when real life platform gets a little too scary for me to walk on recently, I’d remind myself of my Skywalk Adventure experience. I’d remind myself to give my full trust to the Rope who forever holds me up, whose love for me is so strong and great.


That’s the platform where you walk on. Cameras are not allowed but there are official photographers who take photos for you then you have to buy if you want a copy. Our photos were with my friend so sorry if I don’t have our real photos to post here yet. (Photo from the internet)

“If I should say, ‘My foot has slipped,’ Your lovingkindness, O Lord, will hold me up. When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.” – Psalm 94:18-19 (NASB)

10.30.12 3:53pm

October 28, 2012 by by Fiona Mae Alvero

I wish I have more valid reasons to tell you why I have been MIA here for the past couple of months. Writing has just been such a hard and challenging thing to do for me recently. And I do desperately hope to get out of this barrenness, if you may, real soon.

One of the things we were up to at LifeBox recently was the VisMin Regional Convergence we held in Cebu City. This was the third and last Regional Convergence we had this year, and one of the many events I was tasked to run and coordinate. In this event and in the recent trip we had in Cebu, I had encounters with few people who approached me in different occasions to ask what are the things I do when I coordinate an event. 

While I do event coordinating as a job function, I felt a bit caught off guard when asked about it because to be honest, it’s practically just now with all the events that has to be done that I’m actually starting to really learn how to do it. I still do am in the process of growing and exploring a lot of things when it comes to this area. And so recently, I’ve been pondering a lot on the experiences I had in coordinating events and while at it, thought of writing down some values I learned along the way when doing an event. Hope this would be helpful also to you.

Look good. What a strange way to start, you may say, haha. I know it sounds so vain and superficial for some but I promise looking good is more than just an external because it could set the atmosphere especially in the team that you are leading. Happy coordinator, happy team. I’m not saying you have to act like you have it all together or act as if you are not stressed or pressured at all. But not forgetting to put on even just a little smile (and a little cheek tint and lip gloss for girls) will go a long way for sure.

Prepare ahead of time. I could not stress this enough. Preparation is always the key. As for me, I make sure that the day before the event, I have already all the things I need prepared. The spiels for the hosts were already cut and stuck on the cue cards. The copies of technical script were already printed. The name tags were already organized alphabetically. Sometimes we like to leave these tiny details to be done on the day of the event not realizing that these little things when collated together will take time to do. Don’t be fooled by these tiny tasks. Finish them all if you can on the day before the event so that you don’t have to think about it anymore and you can already focus on more important things.

Keep a checklist. You through your program, then while doing so, think of the things you may be needing in each segment. Make it very detailed. It will be really a huge help.

Delegate. This one I had to learn the hard way. I am the kind of person who likes everything to be under my nose so my tendency is that instead of delegating tasks to the people in the team, I do it instead myself so to make sure that it will be done. For me, I’d rather be stressed doing many things than to delegate and wait for others to finish what I assigned them to do. But eventually I figured out that by doing so, not only I am being too hard on myself, but most importantly I am being selfish. I learned that when you are supposed to share tasks with the people in your team and you decide to do it all by yourself, you are depriving them from contributing. Worse, depriving them from growing. Let them do it. Sometimes you’d be surprised at how much big the heart of some people have in wanting to serve and help out. Don’t miss that out.

Be excellent in all you do. Because we are serving an excellent God. That’s more than enough reason.

It’s not about you. To be honest, there were times where I had to go to the restroom and ask God to take away the pride in my heart in thinking that the reason why the event is running is because I am there. What a rotten heart I have. God can always use someone else to do it. Don’t ever think it’s only you who can do it. It’s not about you. Never was and never will.

I’d end with that for now. I hope to get more things on this list as time goes by. Would also love to hear from you!

10.29.12 2:12am