January 21, 2013 by by Fiona Mae Alvero


When every step I take is a step in the dark
You are the light that guides my path

When the fire inside of me is dying down
You are the spark that ignites this cold heart

When everything else becomes a routine
You make things new every morning

When I have no reason to get out of my bed
Your word lifts me up and keeps me going

When my faith is dry and my eyes refuse to see
You remind me how faithful You have always been

When I’ve grown so weary and want to quit
You pick me up and carry me through it

When my heart is aching and eyes are full of tears
You bring joy and peace beyond my understanding

When I have lost all my sense of direction
You whisper gently in my ears to tell me which way I should go

When I feel less and less loved every day
You point me back to the cross where You died for me

January 15, 2013 by by Fiona Mae Alvero

getty_rm_photo_of_woman_waiting_at_restaurant_tableMy Tuesday nights are usually blocked off for the campus Victory group that I lead. This is the time of the week that I intentionally carve out to be with a handful of lovely girls that God has given me the privilege to disciple and mentor for this season.

It’s on these Tuesday nights too that I’m learning best to expectantly wait.

There are nights when waiting comes so easy because I know who I am waiting for and I am sure that they are coming. But there are nights like tonight – when your text message or call gets ignored and you get no response from them at all – that the waiting gets a little too longer and uncertain.

I don’t know if you have ever experienced that but many times I did. When not even one of them thought of replying to your text message to confirm whether or not they are showing up at your Victory group meeting or One2One appointment. The most convenient way to do when no one confirms of their attendance is to assume they are not coming and just cancel the whole meeting out. But whenever I get tempted to do that, I would remember so clearly the words of encouragement I got from my first ever discipler back in the day when I was just so new in leading my own group and would get so frustrated whenever my text message gets ignored and I’ve no clue if someone’s ever gonna come… “Your labor is never in vain. And when you don’t know whether they are coming or not, come anyway. Just show up. Make yourself available to be used by God.” 

And so on Tuesday nights, I come. Faithfully I come. Regardless if they’ve confirmed their attendance or not, I expectantly come and spend some time to wait at our meeting place, making myself available to be used by God for a possible appointment He only sees. You might end up meeting no one but even that is not in vain. God sees and honors the times you’ve given of yourself for the work of the Lord.

Or who knows, someone might just unexpectedly walk in that door. Today might be a day of witnessing how God moves and changes a life through you.

01.15.12 11:39pm