June 29, 2013 by by Fiona Mae Alvero

A month from now I will be traveling for the first time outside the country.

Any word synonymous to excited would be an understatement to describe the way I feel about that. Sometimes I still catch myself feeling surreal of what lies ahead because few months ago this trip was totally FAR from reality.

Even today, by my own means, without thinking twice I would say this trip would still be an impossibility. But the good thing is that this adventure isn’t my story but God’s. And to God, nothing is impossible, right?

I remember going home from work one day in December last year. I’ve been dreaming and believing in faith that I could join the Every Nation World Conference 2013 in the United States but I didn’t have a clear idea back then on how much it really cost to go.

As soon as I arrived home, I had myself settled on the couch and decided to put some faith in action and do a little math. I wanted to see how much it will cost to buy an airfare ticket to the US and then with that amount, how much money I need to save up from then on.

In the end, when I compared the cost of the trip versus the money I have and the amount of time that I could save up, it was very clear.

I cannot afford it.

It was at that moment, in the face of lack, that I came to a total surrender to God.

I was confronted by the truth that the only way this trip would be possible is not at all by my own means but only when God does a miracle on my behalf.

When January came, I wrote EN2013 as one of my faith goals when we had our annual prayer and fasting as a church. I spoke with some of my closest friends about it and asked if they could stand in faith with me. We prayed and believed together.

On that same month, I decided to open a new bank account for this trip and though I know that the money I’m saving won’t make it up to the amount I need to buy a ticket to the US, I chose to faithfully set aside few hundred bucks each month and deposit it in that bank account, leaving everything else up to God.


For a couple of months, this was what I used as a wallpaper for my laptop. Served very well as a good reminder everyday!

Still many times when I think of the fact that it’s expensive and I cannot afford it, I’d wrestle with the thought of calling it quits and just you know, forget about going and get back to normal life.

It feels a lot easier that way, I thought. That’s what happens, I realize, when I try to look away and remove my focus on Jesus. It’s a party of fear, worry and anxiety that we see.

I don’t like it when I lose my focus on Jesus, it wears me down. It makes you settle for the ordinary and the so-called easy life when in fact, through Jesus, you can have the supernatural and extraordinary one.

I’m tired of the ordinary. This year isn’t a year for that.

There was one night in the middle of a week of having my faith up high and faith down low that I had a game changer conversation with my dad.

He was asking if I’ve already decided if I’m really going or not. I said that it still depends. He asked, “Why it depends?”

I said, “It depends. If I get to have the amount of money I need just in time for the trip, then I’m going.”

He said, “No. Do it the other way. You decide now whether you are going or not. Then if you decide to come, that’s what we’re gonna pray for.”

He’s been a firm believer since day one that this trip is going to happen. And true enough he was right.

Several weeks after that, you would not believe that we were purchasing my round trip ticket to the US. Like, for real. Without me shelling out a single coin for it.

Oftentimes, God is more concerned about fixing the status of our hearts than giving us right away what we want. He had to teach me first to decide based on faith, not on circumstance.


This year’s conference is gonna be at Disney!!! :) Every Nation World
Conference happens once every three years.

And just when I thought that I already got the answer to my prayers, I was wrong. Apparently, God was just warming up.

A week later I had the opportunity to share my testimony in front of a crowd in church.

I told them about my faith goal and how God is so faithful in providing for my airfare ticket. I was more than honored (as much as I was sick nervous about speaking, as always) to be able to encourage people with how God’s been moving in my life in that area.

Right after the event, a couple who I never met before approached me. They asked me to get their contact number and I thought there was no harm in doing that.

The shock of my life came when they said that the reason they are giving me their contact details is because they want to help me with the hotel accommodation and food for my US trip (I didn’t even think of considering to stay in hotel when I made plans for this trip!).

At once, I thought I was gonna faint. Haha! I was a good combination of  speechless, dumbfounded and a mess! I mean, HUWAAAAT?!!!!! WHO DOES THAT?!!!

God does!

And to think this is just only the beginning! I haven’t even set foot on the real adventure of my life and yet He has already shown me things way way way more than what I prayed or asked for.

Sometimes in my honest self, I ask God, “Lord, what is it that You are preparing for me there that You are so willing to move this much of a mountain for me now? I cannot wait to be even more amazed and to see Your name being glorified all throughout!”

There’s a passage in the Bible that I often like to ponder on and declare over this trip. It says, “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than what we can ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us (Ephesians 3:20).”

This is the verse I’ve been holding on to since the beginning of the year. I had it memorized by heart, believing every word it says.

Today, it’s not just anymore a passage in the Bible that I know, but one that I’m experiencing as living and active, moving ever so true in this chapter of my life.

He is my God. He’s my God of immeasurably more. And He is your God too!


06.28.13 8:36pm