February 26, 2015 by by Fiona Mae Alvero

I spent my day today meeting with great people.

When I say great people, these are men and women who know their stuff well. They are the ones who have been doing quite exceptionally well in their chosen field of expertise, the kind of guys you’d definitely want to spend time learning from and make you say, “This girl. I want to be like her when I grow up.”

Lately, work has becoming more and more humbling for me as I get to interact with these people. There are days I’d try hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I’m being given the opportunity to work with such amazing team. I get to sit with them in meetings though most of the time I’ve little to contribute and work together with them as one team for a global campus conference only we know God can pull off.


This year’s Every Nation Asia Campus Conference: Ignite 2015 will take place at SMART Araneta Coliseum. We are anticipating 15,000 students from all over Asia filling up this coliseum on June 2-3. Exciting times are sure ahead of us!

This afternoon, I sat around the table with a few of them. In that meeting, I didn’t talk much. But I did listen intently.

I listened as each of them bring to the table whatever they can offer, their words weathered with years of experience and wisdom learned through time. Sometimes when someone talks in these kinds of meetings, I can’t help but get my thoughts past the topic being discussed and profoundly enter a moment right there trying to make terms in my head, “Gosh. How did this person get so good?!”


Some of the women who I get the privilege to work closely with for the conference. :)

I had that conversation lately with one of them, with a colleague who I consider my mentor. She’s one of the most exceptional women I know, someone who truly exemplifies passion and excellence in doing the calling God has placed in her life.

That lady, I had a mental image of her being the kind of person who always knew what she wanted to do in life. So I was expecting that her answer to my question of how she got so good at her craft would include a chronicle of how she’s always been dedicated in pursuing her passion growing up.

But then, that mental image I had of her, it was far from accurate. She didn’t exactly plan her life that way.

Instead, she told me how she started as someone who absolutely knew nothing about what she’s good at right now. But because at some point in her life she had to be entrusted with a responsibility she was not sure she could handle, instead of looking at her limitations, she chose to trust God with it. She chose to look at the responsibility given at hand as an opportunity to grow so she tried to learn it and took ownership of it the best way she knew how.

I take comfort in that. I take comfort in the fact that at some point in the lives of these great men and women, they also had no idea what they were doing just like you and me.

But because they were humble enough to admit that they cannot do it yet still allowed God to work in their lives and be used by Him for His glory, they made it through the process and came out of it as better versions of themselves.


Half of the conference team of Ignite 2015. :)

I hope one day, maybe in some few years from now, I will get to mentor and inspire someone with that same message too. I hope she’s a 20-something lady who also asks in her head, “How did these people get so good?” in meetings we will be both in and the task she’s being given the opportunity to do is also bigger than herself.

I hope when we get the chance to talk and she asks me how I started as an event coordinator, I can only smile at her while I look back and remember. By that time, I hope I can say this to her with all honesty and sincerity I could ever muster, “You know what, I also started having no idea about my craft before. But when I was given the opportunity to do this task despite my limitations, I chose to trust God and allowed Him to use me for whatever purpose He wills. So when you find yourself in places where you feel like the tasks are bigger than yourself and you don’t know what to do, just choose to trust Him with the little that you have. He will be the One to see you through it. I am a witness to that. :)” 


Here’s the teaser of Ignite 2015! :)