The Purple Alien and The Entire Next Generation

Lazy Saturday afternoons are made for sticking your nose in a book or watching a feel good movie.

Books are easily my default any day but today I went for the latter.

And you know, it’s not everyday I get to chance upon a movie that I “like.” My friends know that too well about me. But today I’m glad about my choice of watching the DreamWorks animated movie, “Home.”

Oh and Tip. (photo from the web)

I’ll tell you straight up now. I bawled at the end of the movie. It wasn’t because of the story though it was superb let alone (fair that I mention I’d cry at any slightest reason really!). But this one was more of what it reminded me that made me tear up.

Home is a movie about a group of purple aliens called the Boov who are on the run from their enemy the Gorg. Searching for a safe place to nest in the entire galaxy, they found Earth to be their next home. When they got to the planet Earth and met humans, that’s when things started to get interesting.

And of course, it took only a matter of time for the Gorg to locate them.

One of my favorite scenes from the movie, when they were in the middle of the ocean under the stars. It must have been spectacular on 3D! (photo from the web)

In the end, one of the main characters who happen to be the least liked Boov, Oh, became the hero of the story and hailed to be the captain of the Boov for doing something brave to save the aliens from the Gorg, ousting their former leader.

Oh then eventually found out the reason why the Gorg were so angry at them. It was because their former leader stole something important from them – a rock. And the Gorg wanted it back so badly they lived their lives tracking the purple aliens down to take back what is rightfully theirs.

And this was the conversation of Oh with his human friends when they successfully returned the rock to the Gorg:

Oh: “It turns out Gorg was not here because of my invitation. Though Gorg would have been happy to attend. Gorg was here because Gorg was tracking the rock.”

Mom: “What was in that thing?”

Oh: “Gorg family. It is entire next generation.”

Tip: “All of them?”

Oh: “All of them.”

Tip: “No wonder they have been chasing you.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 7.48.00 PM
This was the scene when Oh was returning back the stone from the Gorg.

Cue the ugly cry.

Made me tear up because right when Oh said “It is entire next generation,” it was almost automatic for me to see the resemblance of that in my life and I began to think of our own entire next generation.

And the gripping question of, like the Gorg, I wonder how far we are willing to go and inconvenience ourselves to fight for them. 

Cause for the record, going all the way to the “Milky Way, turn right to the Big Deeper, third planet from the sun?” It’s a lot to go through.

But I’m sure for the Gorg, every light year was worth it if it only for the sake of the next generation.

I know that nothing about the movie was created and meant to tell you about campus ministry. But I guess when something so important is rooted down deep in your heart they have the tendency to surface and remind you of it even when it’s just a cute alien movie.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 7.49.42 PM
Tip, Oh and MyMom (you gotta watch the movie and find out why “MyMom :D).

I hope we never give up on fighting for our “entire next generation.” I hope whatever it is that steals them away from their true purpose – from where they should be and who they should be – would make us so angry we chase em down.

I hope we never ever stop discipling them and walking alongside them and opening our doors for them and telling them about that one Guy who originally went from heaven to planet Earth to show them how valuable and loved and precious they are. To rescue them, really.

I hope we never get tired of believing in them.

And I hope whenever we get to be reminded of them, like say from a movie, our hearts will still be gripped once in a while to a point of crying like the first time it did, or whatever, because we still haven’t lost the poetry of it all. And we get to see it’s still there, very strong, “Hmm-mm, yes. Yes. Heart still passionate for the next generation.”

PS. Also, the full soundtrack of this movie? For the win!!!

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