Finding Your Right Place

This week, I have finally gotten myself to take driving lessons.

After years of trying to make it a goal only to be beaten by my laziness and lack of vision for it and after all the arguing with my mom because she paid for me to get enrolled but I kept postponing it and making it my least priority, now I’m driving.

Tonight was the most number of kilometres I’ve driven. I asked my instructor to rate my driving today from 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest and he said that I’m at seven. Pretty sure the three points he withheld was because I keep hitting the brakes too hard it drives him crazy (and dizzy).

We spent a good amount of time practicing my parking tonight too which, to my surprise, was easier than I thought it would be.

On my first attempt to reverse park, I was able to get it right on my first take.

Right at that parking slot, my instructor asked me to pull the hand break up while he searched for a paper and a pen. He wanted me to learn not just the practical but also the reason why we park a certain way. In our case tonight, a reverse one.

It’s the least thing I like about my driving lessons. It’s when we stop and I get a short lecture on this and that. I’m the student who wants to just drive and do it already (aka impatient).

And so my instructor was lecturing me about the different kinds of parking and somewhere in his lecture he said something that got my attention.

You are where you are right now,” he said and then pointed to where I stopped before I went reverse,

Because of your position a while ago.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.14.45 PM

I looked at where he pointed and felt I heard something profound.

I know he was only talking about my parking but somehow, at some point, those words sounded so personal. As if he’s talking about my life. As if he knows what’s going on.

Maybe because I’ve been just so desperate to know something.

Having to face unexpected shifts and turns in my life lately, I’ve been wondering a lot about where I’m going. I’d spend so much time in prayer thinking and asking God if I’m still doing it right, if I’m going the right direction. Am I still on the right track, God? Is this the way that leads me to where I should be?

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.21.08 AM

And then right in those words of my driving instructor, I felt I found an answer I needed for now to keep me going.

“Just be in the right position before God, Fiona. As long as you are in the right position, you’re sure gonna end up in the right place. Just right where you should be.”

The position we choose to make today will determine the place we’ll end up going. And when we choose to be in the right position with God, we find the right places. Just right where each of us should be. :)

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