“Do You Still Want To Be In Faith?”

Our church had just gone through a three-day mid-year prayer and fasting last week.

I honestly love it when I get to pray and fast with my spiritual family. It’s like Christmas to me, only this one with the absence of food on the table.

I also love the idea of doing one in the middle of the year because I sure could use some recalibrating and refocusing.

One of the reasons why I love prayer and fasting is because I get to do it with these girls who I truly treasure and that we get to witness together God’s faithfulness in our lives. :)

Few days before we started the fasting, I woke up one morning thinking of the faith goals that I wrote in January and how I thought I need to revisit it once again.

Lazy to get up, I tried to see if I could briefly recall by memory what I had written down in my journal and while going through it in my head, it dawned on me that the opportunity I had just lost a week ago was actually one of the faith goals I wanted to believe God to come through for me this year.

I stared blankly at the ceiling upon that realization, shocked at how six months ago, when I wrote that faith goal down, I was full of reason to believe it’s gonna come to pass. And then six months later, all the chances I knew were no more and the only word I could come up with to describe my situation would be the word impossible.

And you know, for me, if that’s what it is, I’m totally fine with that.

This year, as a church, we’re gonna dare to believe. :) If you wanna check out more information about the prayer and fasting, you may visit www.victory.org.ph/fasting2016. :)

It’s just that lying on my bed that morning, I had no clue what to do next. Is it still gonna be a faith goal then? Or should I just cross it out? Besides, it’s already gonna be impossible to happen.

I was thinking of that and then asked God about it, but I felt He only asked me back, “Do you still have faith for that? Do you still want to be in faith?”

Do I still want to be in faith? What.

I was waiting to hear a yes or a no from Him that morning but what I got was a fresh invitation to see faith simply for what it is.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and being certain of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1)


The answer is yes. It is a yes because today it looks impossible to happen. It is illogical, crazy, and not to mention pathetic in my own terms. It is a yes because everything around me shouts no. It is a yes because it’s not gonna be based on circumstance but rather on who God is.

I don’t know what faith looks like for you this year. But for some of us, faith looks like waking up one morning in the face of impossibility, seeing nothing. And the moment you saw it’s impossible, all the more it makes sense for you now to believe because you realize that’s the essence of faith anyway – it’s believing for things we have yet to see.

And so you say Yes to His voice inviting you, “Do you still want to be in faith?”


“Like a stunt man adding one more car to the pile, one more hurdle to jump so that the feat is even more miraculous than what we had at first hoped and imagined, God is making our situation just a bit more impossible right now. And while we doubt and scratch our heads and ask how, He says two words: Watch Me.”

– Nicole Baart

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