What Is Better Than a Dream Come True

I boarded the plane that would bring me to Johannesburg past eight on a Friday evening.

This would be my second time to travel alone on a long flight from one continent to another.

I didn’t mind. Actually, I always look forward to opportunities like this—to travel alone. I think there’s something about it that makes our soul grow.

I got on the plane and rolled my overweight hand luggage through the aisle of the aircraft as I look for my seat by the window. Once I found my seat, I sat down, buckled up, and exhaled big in anticipation. This is it.

Airplanes do have the tendency to get you reflective, don’t they? Because while we were above the air, across the seas, I couldn’t help but think and ponder on the adventure I’ve found for myself.

In a couple more hours, I will be on a different land. Not just any other land, but the one that God has been speaking to me so consistently and so loudly about the past several months—in my times of devotion, through people’s words and prayers, in my dreams at night.

“You’re faithful,” I can’t help but conclude. Even while still in transit and a few thousand miles more left to cross, I couldn’t help but already conclude.

Because where I am now and where I am going? These were His words that I’ve learned by faith to hold on to; promises He’s spoken that I’ve learned to keep in my heart until the day I see it come to pass.

And right at my airplane seat, by the window, thousand miles away from home and still a few thousand more to a dream come true, I was already content even before it happens.

I was content and satisfied just to know that I hear His voice and He speaks to me.

That through this long journey of asking, and waiting, and doubting, and still waiting, and hoping, and losing hope, and believing again, I have learned to trust His voice. I have learned to become more and more His friend.

Having the chance and the privilege to get to know Him like this right now, to know Him in ways I’ve never known before, will always be better than seeing a dream—at the end of a long-haul flight—come true.

Johannesburg from my airplane window.


“If God is calling you to a dream, then that’s where His presence is in your life. You are not being drawn to the dream—you are being drawn to the Giver of it. The pursuit of any God-sized dream is ultimately the pursuit of the One who placed it within you. It’s like a homing beacon for your heart.” – Holley Gerth

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